Saturday, May 15, 2010

My week in haiku

A busy and stressful work week, plus a warm and sunny Saturday, equals me not wanting to sit in front of my computer for very long. So just take a moment to catch up on my life using everyone's favorite 5-7-5 formula.

Rainy, cold weather
Ceiling leak above my desk
Wet files make me mad

Car hit baby bird
Already dead before me
I did not kill it!

Exhausted Friday
Daiquiri and shopping help
Slept for 10 hours straight

Tried a run today
Almost met same fate as bird
Will stick to walking

Pumped for Tuesday's Glee
Neil Patrick Harris guest stars
Sings Aerosmith. YES!

Anyone have their own haiku for the day? Maybe some other time I'll summarize my life in txt msg or tweets instead. And speaking of Glee (because of course I couldn't haiku my life without mentioning Glee...did I just use "haiku" as a verb?), see if you recognize any blonde chicks in this classic "glee club" video. Ah, high school.


  1. I found some blonde chicks! I also watched the 2010 showchoir perform the same song and it was SO SLOW!!! We were better! ;)

  2. That show choir was awesome! Good Times!!!

  3. The choreography in that number was off the charts!