Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's the little things

Yesterday, I was just beginning to facilitate a big meeting at work when my phone rang. Thinking it was one of the meeting attendees calling for directions, I quickly took the call. My side of the conversation (overheard by others in the conference room) went like this: "Hello this is Heather. Yes. Mmm hmm. Ok. Yes, I will definitely be there. Thank you so much for letting me know. Ok. Thank you. Bye."

An important update from a colleague? No. It was my hairstylist calling to confirm my appointment for today. I don't know which is more sad: The fact that I tried to make the call sound important or that, had I actually looked at the number when my phone rang, I would have immediately known it was my hair salon. What? Not everyone has that number memorized? I thought that was one of those emergency contacts.

I don't think I enjoy getting a hair cut or color any more than the average gal, but particularly with the gross humidity and 90 degree temps of the past couple of days, my hair appointment was one of the major reasons I got out of bed today. Isn't it funny how we so often need these "little things" to make the other 90 percent of our days more tolerable?

So I escaped work a little early and I feel about 10 pounds lighter with a fresh haircut. And now that my stylist and I are all caught up on the gossip of each other's lives, I get to settle in at home for a couple more little moments that I love: An evening of Glee and reading my favorite Bachelorette recap (so far I’m cheering for Chris from Cape Cod!). Reasons to get out of bed tomorrow? I haven't decided yet. I'd better think fast!

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